Linnea Levine

Linnea Levine

Parents Of Children With Special Needs: Writing A Memorandum For When They Become Adults

Each month, the Law Offices of Linnea J. Levine PC will provide the latest Elder Law News for your consumption. Our hope is to keep you informed on any and all relevant information at our disposal. This month’s topic: Writing a Memorandum of Intent for Your Child With Special Needs

Writing a Memorandum of Intent for Your Child With Special Needs

Parents of children with special needs must be concerned with ensuring that medical and financial decisions will continue to be made in the child’s best interest once the child reaches age 18 — the age of legal capacity.

Four Reasons Why Dropping Medicaid Is Usually Not a Good Idea, Even After a Large Award or Settlement

Many newly “wealthy” clients ask what the value is of staying on Medicaid. Shouldn’t millions of dollars be sufficient to pay for health care? There are a number of reasons why Medicaid is the far better choice.

A Look at Three New ABLE Programs Available Nationwide

ABLE accounts are a relatively new planning tool available to individuals with disabilities. Here are details on the ABLE account programs of three states that allow out-of-state residents to open accounts.

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