Linnea Levine

Linnea Levine

Writing a Memorandum of Intent for Your Special Needs Child

Each month, the Law Offices of Linnea J. Levine PC will provide the latest Elder Law News for your consumption. Our hope is to keep you informed on any and all relevant information at our disposal. This month’s topic: Writing a Memorandum of Intent for Your Child With Special Needs

Writing a Memorandum of Intent for Your Child With Special Needs

While creating a financial plan and establishing a specialized trust are central to preparing for your child’s future, planners also advise families to write down their intentions and expectations in a special document.

How to Make Distributions to an SNT Beneficiary Without Disrupting Their SSI

When serving as the trustee of a special needs trust, it is crucial to be careful when making distributions for the benefit of the trust beneficiary.  This is particularly true if the beneficiary receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


Filling the Gaps in Medicare Can Be Difficult for SSDI Recipients

Individuals with disabilities under age 65 often face obstacles in purchasing Medigap insurance that older Medicare beneficiaries do not face.  In many states, Medigap policies are either not available to younger beneficiaries due to their age …

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