The Roman philosopher Cicero once observed, “those who plan for the future control their destiny.” And while that may sound easier said than done in our complex modern society, planning your family’s legacy can be a lot less complicated with the proper guidance and preparation. Now is the time to start planning for the future, and we can help you do it according to your specific needs, requirements and goals, including:


• Creating a plan that pays your bills and advocates for proper medical care in the event of a serious 20130617100649-future-graphic-intaccident or illness
• Protecting your house from medical liens in the event of a catastrophic illness
• Making sure your well spouse will be provided for should one of you require expensive long-term care
• Helping you provide a personalized care plan for your special needs child, in the event that you die suddenly
• Avoiding the loss of an entire estate due to nursing home and Medicaid costs
• Your Power of Attorney
• Your Living Will and Health Care Agent Designation
• Taking advantage of government and private programs that help keep seniors in their homes instead of a nursing home



Your future is now, and we can help you plan and for it by resolving these and other issues to give you peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of waiting until an emergency strikes. So, in the words of another famous Roman … “CARPE DIEM.”